Counseling for Anxiety

There are times in every person's life when you feel apprehensive, nervous, or stressed. Stress is normal! But, lately it is starting to feel like the stress is filling up more and more of each day. It is getting harder to get a good night's sleep and feel rested. And some days you feel so stressed and frazzled and worried about dropping the ball or making a mistake, that you end up dropping the ball or making a mistake that you know you could have easily avoided! 

The truth is, you aren't your best self and you don't do your best work when you are stressed out like this, but you can't figure out how to get out of this cycle. There is real stuff happening in your life, things that you can't easily change. And a part of you feels like you have to wait it out until life shifts again and you can start to feel "back to normal."

Truth time: You deserve help and support right now. Therapy can help you learn how to be your best self no matter what is happening in your life, and learn strategies that can help your life get back into balance. Contacting  a therapist at Bay State Counseling is the first step toward getting a handle on things again. 

Our therapists are here to help guide you through the process of recapturing your healthy, in-control self.  The therapists at Bay State Counseling partner with you to understand your feelings and triggers.  All while working with you to establish behaviors and techniques to overcome the feelings of anxiety and stress.

Asking for help can be hard.  You're here, let us help.  Call (978) 330-5105 or contact us here for anxiety counseling in Chelmsford, Billerica, and Burlington.