Center for Couples Counseling

You can remember the day when you just knew that you loved your partner. That feeling deep down in your belly, that sense that whatever the conflict or issues you could get through it together. 

Lately, it feels like life, conflict, differences, and past hurts are starting to eat away at that feeling. And, a part of you knows that you if you ignore what is happening and don't find a better way it will eventually eat away at it completely. Whether it takes months, weeks, or years... The way you are dealing with stuff right now and interacting with each other just isn't sustainable. 

You are both ready to find a better way. You want to find a way to work through conflicts, to finally resolve the old hurts, and to find the time, energy, and desire for intimacy and romance. Maybe one or both of you are unsure if that is even possible. Maybe things have been funky for so long that you are scared to even hope for change. Or, maybe you are seeing your friends who ignored this stuff getting divorced and you are ready to resolve this before it gets bad. 

We can help! At Bay State Counseling our trained couples therapists can help you learn how to heal the hurts, develop methods for communicating more effectively and rekindle intimacy.  We provide couples counseling for Billerica, Chelmsford, Burlington and surrounding areas. Specialties include: Executives and entrepreneurs, tech couples, LGBTQ couples, premarital counseling, newlywed couples, empty nest couples, and established marriages. 

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