Counseling for Depression

Everyone has a "down" day every so often.  No big deal. How do you know when down, turns into sad, turns into depression? And if you are depressed, does that mean you need medication? Or, is there something medically wrong with you that is zapping your energy? 

The truth is, it doesn't matter what you call it right now- you feel tired, overwhelmed, and sad. Positive thinking and funny memes aren't working, and you can't imagine feeling like this for a few more weeks, much less a few more months! 

You aren't even sure when this all happened, sometimes things shift so subtly over time... it isn't until you see an old friend, see a picture of yourself, or see something pop up on Facebook that you realize how stuck you've become. 

It is time to get unstuck and get back to having your good days outnumber your bad days. Call Bay State Counseling today at (978) 330-5105 to schedule your first appointment. Stop putting it off, overthinking it, and putting off feeling better. We work with people in Billerica, Chelmsford, Burlington and surrounding towns.