Counseling for Teens

Is your teen struggling? You have an awesome kid. There is so much that works in life for them- but at the end of the day- you are worried. Is this just a phase? Is this normal? If they are having trouble coping right now, what is it going to be like after high school? 

It isn't that you want or need the perfect child, but you do want to make sure they are prepared to be successful in adulthood- and that is right around the corner! You want to see them confident, focused, able to manage social situations and stress with more ease- but they don't always (or maybe ever) seem to listen to you. 

We can help! The truth is- they are hearing you- even if they don't seem like it. But, we have teen whisperers who have dealt with all the personalities, push away strategies, and coping mechanisms that you can possibly imagine (and probably a few more!) 

Allow us to come alongside your family, and help you get your teen stepping into their best self as they move into adulthood; functioning better at home, school, and with friends. Get back to enjoying your time as a family and going to sleep at night without stressing over whether your kid is going to be ok. 

The first appointment will typically include you and your teen, and your counselor will explore a plan with you and your teen going forward focused on the issues raised and the outcomes desired. 

Teen specialties include difficult with transitions, divorce, grief, social struggles, anxiety, depression, preparing for college, and perfectionism. 

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