Counseling for Tweens

Not quite a teen and yet not really a child.

The days of morning snuggles and "I love you soooooo much" are few and far between.  You're loosing your baby and don't know how you feel about that.  Your child is growing up and this can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience for both of you.  But right now, it feels more than just uncomfortable it feels downright scary, and like there are a LOT of decisions to make, meltdowns to manage, and a new boundary to clarify every hour of the day. 

Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, Kik- you feel like you are constantly on guard and trying to figure out how to keep your kids away from it all, or how to manage it so that they aren't getting exposed to material beyond their years. Some days the questions your child is asking and struggling with feel very grown up, and the emotions that come with it are incredibly intense. You remember the cliques, the bullying, the struggle over not being invited to a party... but it feels like it is SO much more intense today. 

And now you are trying to navigate online bullying, sexting, helping your child avoid exposure to pornography, and so much more. Maybe puberty has come earlier than expected, and you aren't sure what's what anymore. No matter how many rules you put in place or how much you do to protect them, your kid is having to navigate so much- and you know you want to make sure they have a safe place to talk it all out. As much as you've worked to keep open lines of communication, you know that they aren't going to tell you everything. 

Our child and adolescent therapists are here to help with that journey.  They work with your tween to discover skills and techniques to promote healthy, positive attitudes and behaviors through these years of discovery. Our tween specialties include skill development that every teen needs like: assertiveness with friends, setting and maintaining boundaries, learning how to become a leader, how to set and live out values, self-assurednes, positive body image, navigating conflict with friends and family in a healthy way, and positive communication skills. Don't we ALL wish we had been taught these skills starting at 10 years old?! 

We also work with specific struggles like depression and anxiety, social isolation, frustration tolerance, organization and focus, grief and loss, divorce transitions, big moves, bullying, trauma, and more. 

Click here or give us a call at (978) 330-5105 or contact us here to set up your first appointment with one of our Billerica counselors for tweens. Our offices are easily accessed from Billerica, Burlington, Chelmsford and surrounding towns.